Stephanie (xquietxcorex) wrote in boomerlives,

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im new and im in love with tom delonge!
(obviously thats why i joined)
i just wanted to say hello to everyone and that all of you in this community rock for being in love with tom.
because he is the sexiest man alive.
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dude where did u get ur icon?? its so fucking awesome!! i want one like that with tom!!
i have SOOOO many of them!
ill download all of them on my photobucket so you can see them and take whichever ones you want
thanx soo much!!
i posted like...10 or more of them so check em out and take whichever ones you want!!!!!
[= ♥
yayness i love you!! thanx for the awesome tom icon!! im so happy cuz hes so fricken hott!! :)
no problem
i know right!!!
hahaha i ♥ you too
dude im gonna add u to my freinds list if thats all rite with u lol
ill add you back